United Filipinx Association (UFA) is an organization that is grounded in the value of ‘kapwa’ - “interconnectedness” – a core Filipinx value. UFA serves as a reference to all Filipinx at UCSF, forming a community where no one is left behind.

UFA commits itself to be a stakeholder in representing the Filipinx voice and in shaping the culture of belonging, equity, and diversity at our institution. This aim is realized through open sharing of resources, social gatherings, and various workshops to foster personal and professional development.

Equally as important is the movement from Filipin-os to Filipin-x to encompass all gender identities and "is an acknowledgement of looking beyond gender binary, modeling after Latinx movement and beyond the tradition of centering masculine/male identities" (Kevin Nadal, PhD- Pilipino American Identity Development Model).

True to the culture in the Philippines, there is no use of the gender pronouns (he/she) rather what is used are the pronouns they/them - siya/sila.